Buyback Program

Retailers who purchase products that are eligible for our Buyback Program (all floor-standing displays, or annual re-orders totaling more than $400) can find information here about processing your buyback returns:

Our BUY-BACK GUARANTEE only applies to filled Floor-Standing Displays and the Countertop Displays when total seed orders exceed $400 for the year (including the initial order).  Buybacks only apply to individual seed packets (not gift items.)  Eligible items will be returned to Seattle Seed Company, and a 50% credit of purchase price will be applied toward your next season’s order. Buy-back credits carry for 1 year only. (Example: Return 100 packets purchased at $1.50/ea, $75 credit is placed on your account.  Under this model you can discount your seeds up to 50% at the end of the season and still make a profit.  We kindly request that each store make an effort to clearance their remaining seeds at the end of the season before processing them for return.

Steps for processing a Buyback return order:

  1. Count all unsold seed packets for your own records (individual varieties don’t matter, just the total number of packets.)
  2. Place all unsold packets into a box before September 30th, and ship them back to:

    Attn: Buyback Returns
    151 12th Ave #100
    Seattle, WA 98122

  3. We will count them and place a credit note on your account.  You will receive an email confirming your credit note.  Please check to make sure the total count matches your records.
  4. When placing your order for the next season, your credit will automatically be applied up to 50% of your total order until the credit is depleted.  For example, if you have a $75 credit, the entire credit will be applied if your order totals at least $150.